Company Introduction

Vtech is one of the world’s largest infant and pre-school e-learning product companies, and the largest manufacturer of home phones in the United States. It provides highly respected contract manufacturing services. The mission of Vtech is to integrate the three pillars of sustainability into its business strategy, so as to benefit and to bring sustainable value to business stakeholders and communities.

Environmental Target Setting, Approach and Polices

Vtech has developed its “5-year Sustainability Plan 2020” that pushed the Company to carry out continuous improvement programmes and approaches. Under its well-defined five pillars, namely Governance and Business Ethics, Product Responsibilities and Value Chain Management, Environment, Other People and Society, Vtech has aligned its activities with specific SDGs and made strides towards the goals.

Under the “environment” pillar of its second 5-year Sustainability Plan 2025, Vtech has set its strategy themes of Circular Economy and Environmental Management, Climate Change – Risks and Opportunities, Green Manufacturing, High Performance Production Chain and Sustainable Logistics Practice. The effective approaches adopted by the Company as well as the targets for FY2022 and FY2025 have already been laid out clearly. For instance, the Company commits to “Maximise the usage of ocean and rail freight for long-distance and inland shipments respectively”. For GHG emissions transparency, the targets for both FY2022 and FY2025 included the disclosure of Scope 3 emissions. What is more, Vtech is committed to reducing its GHG emissions per production output in plastic factories by 4% within 2 years by taking the baseline year of FY2020.

By taking a close glance at Vtech’s environmental policies, it specifically emphasises the compliance with relevant regulations and laws, development and maintenance of internal Environmental Management System with ISO 14001, quantification of environmental impacts and the associated targets built and reviewing procedures, the cost-effective integration of environmental objectives into the decision-making process, responsibilities and accountabilities, and awareness enhance among its stakeholders.

For detailed and complete information, please refer to Page 24 and 40 of Vtech Sustainability Report 2021.

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For detailed and complete information, please refer to Page 24 and 40 of Vtech Sustainability Report 2021.



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